Bento Station is a space lighthouse in Still There, and the location where the game takes place. Karl is the sole human occupant, with only the snarky AI Gorky and a pet tuatara as companions.

The station's interior is quite small, consisting of six sections or stations arranged in a circle around the player's position. Movement between stations is accomplished by dragging left or right, or by clicking one of the icon buttons at the bottom of the screen. Proceeding clockwise, the sections are:

  • The bedroom contains Karl's bed and the vivarium for his pet tuatara.
  • The washroom contains a toilet, a sink, first-aid box, and urine recycling system.
  • The control panel is where most of the Bento's controls and display readouts are located, as well as the station's Technical Manual.
  • The mainframe is the display screen and keyboard of the Bento's computer system. It is used to access the station's log, read and send 'ray mail', view the list of daily tasks, shop for personal items, and access Karl's unfinished novella. Gorky is located to the right of the mainframe's screen.
  • The airlock is the station's entrance/exit, and is also used to receive supply capsules. Karl's space suit hangs next to the door.
  • The kitchen contains a fridge, microwave oven, stove, and packets of dehydrated food.

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