Technical Manual

The Bento Technical Manual

The Technical Manual is a book which documents the operational controls and systems of the Bento Station. Reading and interpreting it is an essential step in solving many of the puzzles in Still There. It has a plain red cover and appears to contain well over a hundred pages; however, only a handful of pages can be accessed by the player, via colored bookmark tabs along the bottom.

Pages Edit

Documents the Jumpers panel, which is located to the right of Gorky. This panel is used to establish links between various systems of the Bentos.
Energy Subsystem
Documents the controls for routing power to different sections of the station.
Carrier Synchronization
Documents the use of controls CTRL-10 through CTRL-12 to match the waveform of a carrier signal.
Beacon Keyboard
Documents the use of the musical keyboard, located below the mainframe's screen, to program a tune to be broadcast by the station's beacon.
Space Cabin Atmosphere
Documents the station's air quality controls.
Documents the station's cabin temperature controls.
Maintenance Tools
Documents the station's maintenance cards, which are stored in a rack to the right of Gorky. A card can be used by inserting it into the slot at the bottom right of the control panel.

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